Keeping your flowers Fresh

Our best tips to keep your flowers fresh, whether your bouquet is delivered to, your home or workplace.

As flowers are natural, they require some hygiene and other practices to keep them fresh,make them last longer and looking their natural best.


sitetitleInflorescence Boness
  • A good practice is to remove the packaging and trim the stems.
  • Ensure that the vase you place the flowers into is very clean.
  • Cut approximately 1cm from the end, this method helps the flowers absorb the water faster
  • The vase should only be filled ¾ full. Only use fresh water
  • Add the flower food to the vase
  • Never leave foliage in the water as this can cause bacteria
  • Good practice is to refresh the water every 2 – 3 days.

Flower arrangements / plants

If you receive a beautiful arrangement then there is a little less work involved.

sitetitleInflorescence Boness
  • Keep compost or the oasis moist by adding water. Be careful not to over-water your arrangement or plant. Repeat this every few days.
  • Ensure you do not place in direct sunlight.
  • Clip any deteriorated buds and discard.